Skopes development update – Q3 2014-2015


This post describes updates to the Skopes platform made upto the February release.

The current Skopes version is: 1.5

In this release the majority of the improvements have been driven from the applications first wide public circulation and feedback. This feedback and input has been provided by pilot users in the Associations and Recruitment industries.

In addition upgrades have been included on request and feedback from System vendors.

We are also moving on to concentrating on increasing the configuration / management features of the Skopes application. This allows us to respond more quickly to requests to change content and user experience without the need for developer intervention.

Released in latest update

New features

Front end (user experience):

  • Guide page overhaul – dramatically reducing complexity and creating a more interactive user experience.
  • Upgrade of all questions interfaces – simplification and inclusion of complete / save progress on all interfaces.
  • Vendor EoI response (basic format) via Skopes – allowing users to invite vendors / suppliers to express interest in project via Skopes
  • Addition of further organisation questions – gathering key information to support the system selection process
  • Status / completion tracking – improvements to the way progress is tracked for each user – and how this is mapped to the guide page displays
  • Addition of help / guide copy – we are continuing to add textual help into Skopes so people can learn and self help
  • Key dates & milestones update – Included key dates (stage one) and moved Milestones selection into stage 2


Admin / system configuration updates:

  • Configurable selection criteria text
  • Configurable project milestones
  • Admin access to report templates
  • Guide page configuration interface
  • CSV download of features and functions data
  • Browse user data via front end interfaces

Bugs & fixes

Too many to list individually…

  • Removed/increased limits on numbers of answers eg number of stakeholders, number of risks imputable
  • Fixes to ROI / Cost saving features
  • Interface fixes – e.g. layout / styles / input box formatting

Instances – deployment of upgrades into the network and configuration

  • Improvements to guide page copy / text
  • Deployments and configuration of new guide interfaces
  • Improvements to question descriptions and help text
  • Deployment of admin configuration upgrades

Development road-map

There are a small number of significant developments and improvements scheduled for version 1.6 of Skopes these are focused on creating actionable outputs and deliverables from Skopes. As the pilots and real world projects being to be pushed through the application they are highlighting the downstream output oriented features and functions that need creating or improving.

Features and upgrades underway:

  • New interface: Functionality picker (improving the way users select functional categories)
  • New interface: Feature picker improved feature display and pop-ups for collecting details associated with features (priority, Savings etc)
  • Vendor system feature capture & storage
  • Addition of business case doc template
  • Metrics / usage tracking
  • Automated matching system features and user requirements

In the background

  • Assessing system stability and security
  • Setting up version control & versioning cycles
  • Running pilots and other feedback / input programs

Feature requests

You are welcome to submit a feature request via