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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get onto your Beta program?

You can apply for the Beta program by emailing us at We will get in touch to ask you some questions about your project and discuss if you are eligible.

How do I setup my own private verison of

You can white-lable both the pro versions of (SaaS) and S-suite. For more information drop us an email and we will contact you to answer questions and provide further information.

What kind of support can I access?

There is plenty of guidance provided within, also a support portal and a premium support service provided by experts and system specialists.

Does mimic a PM methodology?

No, but it facilitates some of the same tasks and activities. focuses on achievement of objectives, it is commercially pragmatic and does require years of study to use.

Can I upgrade from the SaaS version to the S-suite for Enterprise

Yes – you can upgrade from SaaS to S-suite, contact us to discuss this including any data transfer that maybe required. Fees will apply for this upgrade.

Do I get locked into a contract?

There is no locking for use of in your project. Contract terms apply for ‘Portal Owners’ and S-suite partners.

What does "Portal Owner" mean? can be white-labeled to match an organisations branding. This is done by creating a portal, therefore partners have dedicated and white-labeled portals are called Portal Owners.

What is project Quantification?

Quantification simply means that where possible the value and impact of both benefits and deliverables are estimated and used in decision making.

Can I become a agent or reseller?

Yes – you can apply to us via to discuss reselling We provide support materials and training for resellers. Fees apply for joining the reseller program.