Quantify and manage projects towards your objectives

Skop.es helps sponsors and managers to define and capture project objectives, then validate that the project deliverables can realistically achieve those objectives, before committing to costly and time consuming projects.

Skop.es facilitates all major project activities from Specification, market engagement, acceptance testing, adoption and more.

Capabilities at a glance…

Wide range or project types

Skop.es ‘Packs’ are like an IT expert in-a-box. Packs provide in-depth information on system types e.g. CRM, POS, ERP, Procurement and more.

Clearly defined project steps

Follow a well proven process, inc: Scoping, Specification, Go- to Market (e.g. Tenders), Acceptance Testing, Adoption and more.

Live scope definition

Packs include comprehensive feature lists for systems that accelerate scoping for those that are not already experts. Add new requirements flexibly.

Benefits realisation

Benefits realization framework, planning and validation pre-project, used to ensure post project realization activities and create accountability for change.

Value & impact estimation

Calculators and guides for accurately estimating the value and impact of project deliverables – validating the business case and creating measurable targets.

Product fit scoring

Interactive charts and graphs create visual approach to exploring how different systems and products match to your requirements.

Key Skop.es Capabilities

  • Objectives driven dashboard
  • Objectives/benefits capture framework
  • Accelerated and guided scoping
  • Deliverables value and impact analysis
  • Interactive & data driven solution fit analysis
  • Adoption programs and tracking
  • Benefits realisation and maximisation








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