Create new revenue streams whilst supporting your members and audiences freemium model enables you to offer a valuable new tool for free, and derive new revenues from premium features.

Offer new free member or audience benefits enables your members or audience to carry out core project preparation steps that will save them time and money as well as reducing risk of project failures… For Free!

Create new revenue streams for your organisation

New revenues are created when users choose to continue with the advance (premium) features of (e.g. testing & benefits realisation processes), to maximise returns on their projects.

Generate data on trends, market intel & industry insights

As your members and audience use data on requirements trends, project impact and success, and more is collated, reflecting actual (rather than self reported) impacts and trends.

Remain vendor agnostic - maintain and grow sponsor relationships is a vendor agnostic management tool, it does not prefer or promote one technology over any other. This means current sponsorship remain in place, and creates new (free) value adds for other potential sponsors.

Demonstrate & provide technology transformation leadership

Technology is of core strategic value to all organisations, and most seek advice and input from respected third parties. enables your organisation to provide this leadership and support your audiences.

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You can set up free accounts on and test out the project team processes and interfaces. This is a great way to see and understand how can support your constituents.

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