Specialist tools for consultants running digital transformation projects.

Maximise project value and impact for clients, and simultaneously run an efficient, effective firm with strong operating margins.

Efficiencies and automation, leading to higher margins

Efficiencies and automation create consistency in projects and improve operating margins. Auto create project documentation based on your templates and live project data captured in Skop.es.

Improved project outcomes for your clients

Strong process improves effectiveness, drives better project outcomes and increases client satisfaction. Centrally capture project data to minimise impact of project team personnel changes.

Creates scope creep visiblity, and impact of scope changes

A data driven process ensures that scope is explicit, fixed and visible to all participants and stakeholders. Impacts of changes to scope can be modelled.

Pre-sales differentiator over competition and system vendors

Creates an obvious differentiator putting you ahead of the competition. Demonstrates strong process, transparency, quality of service and focus on client outcomes.

Systemisation and data driven processes

Data driven at all stages – enabling audit trails and big-data style analysis and creation of in depth project case studies and collection of market intelligence.

Free accounts on Skop.es

You can set up free accounts on Skop.es and test out the project team processes and interfaces. This is a great way to see and understand how Skop.es can support clients and prospects.

S-suite for Consultants

Want to take a look and have a detailed conversation about how Skop.es can create new revenue streams for you, and improve prospect engagement?