Consistent approach, visibility into quantified & data driven projects can help you reduce risks & maximise investment in your projects and portfolio by enforcing an objectives and data driven approach.

Detailed & consistent value and impact estimation includes frameworks that captures financial and other softer impacts of your project objectives. Through this framework you can mandate expected benefits and measure each projects ability to contribute to these objectives.

Establish consistent governance frameworks

Utilize the as a governance framework to establish schedules and metrics to review at a governance level.

Mandate objectives across a portfolio & quantify project impact

Create an objectives framework and mandate all initiated projects deliver against it. Create estimates of value and impact at an individual project level and aggregate up to portfolio level. Live data driven reporting at the portfolio level.

Quantify projects accurately before go-ahead supports a granular ‘bottom up’ approach to quantifying project RoI, impact and risks. Enabling teams to capture estimates, and converting these estimates into target project outcomes creating accountability.

Compare value and impact across your portfolio

Compare estimated project outcomes (and risks) consistently across a portfolio. Provide a framework for project impact estimates.

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