Publish & sell your expertise though

In addition to using with your clients, experts can publish, and sell, their hard won knowledge though This can create new, and passive revenue streams and connecting with new prospects and clients.

Leverage your knowledge and create new revenues through

Experts can set up “Packs” within that others can purchase. These packs can contain both technology specific and project management information to guide project leaders.

Run more efficient projects using

Consultants and freelancers running projects with client, or employees within their own companies, can inject their own unique IP into to run more effective and efficient projects.

Creates scope creep visiblity, and impact of scope changes

A data driven process ensures that scope is explicit, fixed and visible to all participants and stakeholders. Impacts of changes to scope can be modeled.

Pre-sales differentiator over competition and system vendors

Creates an obvious differentiator putting you ahead of the competition. Demonstrates strong process, transparency, quality of service and focus on client outcomes.

Systemisation and data driven processes

Data driven at all stages – enabling audit trails and big-data style analysis and creation of in depth project case studies and collection of market intelligence.

Free accounts on

You can set up free accounts on and test out the project processes and interfaces. Scroll down for more advanced options.

Set up a Pack

You can register as an expert to create your very own Pack, for use with clients, or to publish and create new passive revenues.

S-suite for Enterprise

Looking to cater for bespoke processes? Running larger, more complex projects?
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