Drives project success through increased visibility and enables data driven decisions

Creates a collaborative environment and keeps all project participants aligned to project outcomes. Visual project scope and progress analysis.

Estimate project impact, drive and measure its achievement helps you establish realistic project value and impact, prior to formal initiation. The captured estimates are re-used as targets post project to drive benefits realisation.

Definitive capture of objectives supports project alignment

Keep projects on track through data, minimising impact of opinion based prioritisation and deviations from agreed path.

Coordinates internal team members and external providers

Creates collaboration for internal and third party participants, based around shared information and central system for valuable project data; aiding continuous improvement.

Creates scope creep visiblity, and impact of scope changes

A data driven process ensures that scope is explicit, fixed and visible to all participants and stakeholders. Impacts of changes to scope can be modeled.

Systemisation and data driven processes

Data driven at all stages – enabling audit trails and big-data style analysis and creation of in depth project case studies and collection of market intelligence.

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